Gender pay gap among lawyers in Brussels

Gender pay gap among lawyers in Brussels

Male lawyers earn on average twice as much as female lawyers according to a study by the Perelman Center of the Faculty of Law and Criminology at ULB. The study was commissioned by the Bar Association and included 5,123 French-speaking lawyers in Brussels. Le Soir published the conclusions on Monday.

Part of the pay difference can be explained by the age pyramid: female lawyers are mostly in the age groups of 20-29 (65% of all lawyers) and 30-39 (53% of all lawyers). However, it’s after the age of 40, where men are in the majority, that the pay increases.

The study also found that many lawyers leave the profession when they are 30 - 40 years old, opting for another job. It also appears that 82% of the lawyers report working a minimum of 40 to 49 hours a week.

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