Taxi Plan - Rudi Vervoort: "We can’t be on the left and defend Uber”

Taxi Plan - Rudi Vervoort: "We can’t be on the left and defend Uber”
Rudi Vervoort

In an interview published in Le Soir on Saturday, Minister-President of the Brussels Region, Rudi Vervoort (PS), asked Pascal Smet (SP.A), Minister of Mobility, to review his plan to reform the taxi sector. "If the Minister of Mobility comes back with the same proposal in a second reading, saying he has spoken with the interested parties, but continues to insist he is right, I say: it will be a 'no' from the Socialist Party. Pascal Smet will have to rework his text”, says Vervoort.

In the council meeting, "we were clear that his taxi plan could not passed without certain adjustments. Many key points still need to be discussed, such as the number of licenses allowed. Pascal Smet wants the end of the taxi industry, the PS does not”, says the minister-president.

He castigates the Uber platform, which competes with taxis in the city: "You have to realise that socially, it's an unacceptable model. When I see these kids riding bikes with UberEats or Deliveroo packs on their backs, I feel that we are moving towards a new era of slavery”, he observes. "You cannot be on the political left and defend Uber”, the minister-president says.

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