Proximus listened to telephone conversations

Proximus listened to telephone conversations

To monitor the quality of Internet calls, telecom operator Proximus has listened to conversations of its customers. According to the Privacy Commission, this could be illegal, writes De Tijd on Tuesday. Since June 2017, Proximus has been using a call quality analysis tool to monitor the quality of non-landline calls through the Internet. The system keeps records for up to five days.

According to Proximus, the tool can only be used by a limited number of people to analyze the technical quality of the communications.

"The law is clear on the secrecy of communications. When a third party takes part in a conversation, it must have the permission of everyone involved," said a spokesperson for the Privacy Commission.

A spokesperson for Proximus responded that the tool "is used only if there are quality problems with certain numbers and only if a customer reports a problem and requires an analysis".

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