The artist Oakoak adds a dozen pieces to Brussels Street Art

The artist Oakoak adds a dozen pieces to Brussels Street Art

The French artist Oakoak presented new pieces he created near the quays for Brussels Street Art on Friday evening.
The artist has been working on around a dozen pieces since Monday. He was part of Street Art for the first time in May last year. “Following the success of his first Street Art contribution, I wanted to give Oakoak free reign near the quays”, said Karine Lalieux. She is the Culture Minister, and the mastermind behind Street Art. “Oakoak’s fun universe fits the city perfectly”.

The French artist likes to colour and alter cracks, gutters and urban buildings. His art explores and highlights the city’s poetic qualities. Discreet, sometimes hidden, his pieces are inspired by the geek culture. He likes to add a touch of humour that makes passers-by smile.

“I tried to play with urban elements I found in Brussels and to add a little touch to change their meaning”, the artist explained. “For example, I saw a sewer drain on the ground and I added a child that was playing with it, using it as a hoop”.

When asked about the piece he did on Friday afternoon, he explained it was inspired by Japan: “two birds painted by Hokusai 200 years ago and the Nintendo duck from the 80s. They show two periods, 200 years of birds in Japan”.

Oakoak started his career in 2006, in his native town of St Etienne in France. In October 2015, he had his first solo exhibition in North America, at the Vertical gallery in Chicago.

Today, Street Art includes nearly 50 pieces by Brussels and Belgian artists, as well as artists from abroad.

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