Shortcomings in police recruitment

Shortcomings in police recruitment

An external audit commissioned by Minister for Home Affairs Jan Jambon (N-VA) shows that recruitment procedures for police officers are inadequate. The police face difficulties in attracting suitable persons and filling certain positions. The results of the audit, conducted by KPMG, were presented on Wednesday to the minister. The report turns out to be critical about the police recruitment services, which numbers 97 people. A thorough reorganization is recommended as well as the introduction of simpler recruitment procedures.

In addition, the police face an image problem as employer and a "talent war" in the labor market.

"We suspected that the recruitment doesn´t work and the audit confirms that the machinery is jammed," said Olivier Van Raemdonck, spokesperson for the minister. He announced an action plan to address the weaknesses identified in the audit, as well as necessary measures regarding "brand" and communication strategy.

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