Judge imposes change of flight routes over North of Brussels

Judge imposes change of flight routes over North of Brussels

The federal government will have to pay high penalties if it does not adapt flight routes over the Northern periphery of Brussels, in virtue of the decision rendered in referral, Wednesday, by a Flemish-speaking judge of the Brussels Court, reported Thursday De Standaard. The message is sent to the Minister of Mobility, according to the daily paper. As per the decision, François Bellot disposes of 90 days to adapt flight routes over the municipalities of Vilvorde, Grimbergen, Machelen, Meise and Wemmel. If he does not, the payment penalty will be as high as 50,000 euros per infraction.

The judge did not stop there. He requested the holding, no later than September 17, of a general convention, the aim of which will be to come to an opinion on the routes to use and an “air navigation law,” as well as on a pact over the future of the Zaventem Airport.

The Northern peripheral municipalities had gone to court to denounce a zoning flight plan which is neither equitable nor in their favor. The Flemish government had joined their action.

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