Brussels residents hand out 700 flowers to police officers

Brussels residents hand out 700 flowers to police officers

Brussels residents handed out 700 flowers to police oficers and soldiers on duty in Brussels on Saturday. They wanted to show support after the attack in Liège killed two officers. Several papers reported on the story and one of the organisers, Nicholas Roisin, wrote about it on Facebook. 

"We wanted to do something, but we didn't quite know what. We decided we could do more than express our support and indignation on social media and do something tangible, out there where it makes a difference", he wrote on his Facebook page. 

Mr Roisin lives in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. A dozen or so Molenbeek residents helped him hand out the 700 flowers. The team visited several police stations and gave flowers to soldiers in the street. They then gave them a round of applause. 

"This is a way to tear down the mental, cultural and social barriers that can sometimes spring up between groups of people. Police vs immigrants. Immigrants vs natives. Young vs old. Muslims vs atheists. There is no reason for any conflict. We are all deeply affected by the actions of psychopathic criminals (whatever their beliefs) and enormously grateful for what the police and soldiers out on the street do to keep us and our love ones safe", he added. 

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