Low-emissions zone in Brussels: offenders not yet sanctioned

Low-emissions zone in Brussels: offenders not yet sanctioned
From October 1st, total fines of €350 now apply.

On Tuesday, the news site Bruzz learned that no fine has yet been sent to drivers who have committed offences in the low-emission zone (LEZ) in Brussels. However, the nine-month transition period ended at the beginning of October. Now vehicles which are non-compliant with the new standards should be reported. Brussels Environment indicates that electronic images have already been captured for around 20 vehicles, but is not communicating more precise figures in this regard.

The most polluting diesel vehicles, between European emission standards Euro 0 and Euro 1, have been prohibited from driving within the Brussels LEZ since January 1st. The nine-month transition period has now been observed. During that period drivers were simply getting a warning. From October 1st, a fine of €350 per offence now applies.

However, Brussels Environment explains that no fines have yet been sent, owing to a “technical problem between the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre and Brussels Mobility.” That having been said, the city council in Brussels suggests, “Fines will be dispatched from tomorrow or later in the week onwards.”

Will it be necessary to impose a fine on a driver who has no choice other than to go through Brussels? If the response is no, how should the radar results be filtered? A Bruzz source says that as long as these issues have not been resolved, no fine can be imposed.

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