After 10 years, Rogier redevelopment nears the end

After 10 years, Rogier redevelopment nears the end

Parts of Place Charles Rogier have been closed so that work can be done on the final stages of the large canopy on the square, as part of a project which has been dragging on for a decade. Work on the 'mushroom' aims to be finished in the coming weeks, after triangular panels are placed in the canopy truss, according to reports.

The aim is to create a (triangular) checkerboard pattern, as was envisaged in the design for the redevelopment of the square. Lighting will also be installed as part of the works.

The finalisation of the project will continue until the beginning of May, confirmed by the Cabinet of Minister for Mobility Pascal Smet (SP.A) to Bruzz. As it concerns roof work, safety measures are required. The parts of the Rogier under the canopy are temporarily inaccessible. For example, the escalators and elevators to the metro station cannot be used.

The works will bring a long-awaited end to the reconstruction of Place Charles Rogier, an ordeal that has lasted for a decade, with various holdups, postponements and construction issues.

Now, however, the end is in sight.  

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