Uber forgets Dutch instructions on new JUMP bikes

Uber forgets Dutch instructions on new JUMP bikes
With around 500,000 rides, Brussels ranks in the global top 10 for bike use. The number one slot is occupied by Paris, with two million journeys since April. Credit: Jump

Despite a successful launch in Brussels, Uber's new JUMP E-Bikes have hit a bump in the road. They didn't provide any instructions in Dutch, a legal requirement for operating in the city. As it stands, the 500 red bicycles from Uber that were dropped off a few days ago on the Brussels sidewalks include instructions in French and English but not in Dutch, according to la Capitale.

The omission is in violation of the ordinance of 22 October 2018 on free-share bicycles, which states that an operator may only obtain a licence for free fleet cycling if it offers its services in at least French, Dutch and English.

Uber said the error would be fixed very soon by attaching instructions in Dutch. In the meantime, the instructions are available in the three languages on the app.

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