New bus line will link Uccle to Forest

New bus line will link Uccle to Forest

A new bus line was on Monday inaugurated by public transport operator STIB, which will link the south and center of Uccle to Forest municipality's future metro station Albert.

The new line, which extends over 10 km, will cover several schools and will serve key transit spots in Uccle, such as the Square of Heros or Square St. Job, the latter of which hosts a farmer's market on Monday mornings.

The bus will also drive to less-well-desserved neighborhoods, like Observatoire, and it will modify the route of bus line 43.

STIB's CEO Brieuc de Meeûs said that the line will also be also partially operated with electric buses, in order to test five newly acquired models.

The line's first passengers rode alongside de Meeûs and Brussels Transport and Mobility Minister Pascal Smet, who attended the line's inauguration.

"We added new lines as a way to respond to the needs of citizens," de Meeûs told BX1.

Line 37 is one of six new bus lines that STIB aims to create in the coming years as part of its bus plan, announced in 2018, which aims to improve correspondences and line turnover.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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