Confident Eliot after second rehearsal in Eurovision song contest

The 15 countries participating in the first semi-final next week completed on Thursday the second rehearsal before the dress rehearsals. The second rehearsal was the last chance to make any final amendments to camera angles, sound levels, choreography and stage positioning.

Belgium's Eliot, along with his two drummers, took to the stage to deliver a polished rehearsal of the song “Wake Up”. Compared to the first rehearsal, he performed with his jacket undone. The performance was marked by the vibration of drums that echoed onto the backdrop behind them.

Eliot told The Brussels Times that he was more satisfied after the second rehearsal and that he felt confident about the semi-final. Eliot will perform 10th in the first semi-final on 14 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Do you have any favourites besides your own song? “I’m here to represent Belgium,” he replied. He does not regard his fellow participants in the song contest as adversaries and admitted that he likes the Dutch and Spanish songs. He has already learned to know several of the other participants.

Members of Eliot’s fan club in Belgium, part of the Eurovision fan club network (OGAE), were also present during the rehearsals. While supporting Eliot, one of them listed Azerbaijan, Malta, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden with chances to win in the final.

This is the second time for Eliot in Tel Aviv. On Wednesday evening he enjoyed the Independence Day party in one of the parks in the city. Earlier he visited Israel for the postcard photo, taken from Mitzpe Ramon, a desert city in southern Israel at the edge of the world’s largest erosion crater.

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