A majority of Brussels residents still prefer shopping by car

A majority of Brussels residents still prefer shopping by car

A recent study found that a majority of Brussels residents are still favoring their cars over public transportation, even for short-distance trips.

Over half of Brussels residents prefer to go shopping by car, even if most of their trips are carried out within relatively short distances from their homes, a survey on consumer habits in the capital showed.

Only a limited number of residents from the Brussels region choose to take public transportation when going shopping, with more people opting to do their errands by car and by foot.

Out of the 542,000 households surveyed, no less than 87 percent shop within the Brussels region, but out of ten shopping trips, nearly six are done by car.

On average, Brussels resident travel just under 4 kilometers when shopping for retail and leisure goods or home appliances, but over half of those purchases (57 percent) are done by car.

21 percent of shoppers opt to go on foot and only 19 percent choose to take public transport.

The survey —jointly carried out by two Brussels enterprise agencies and the Free University of Brussels— found that Brussels household spent an average of €9,200 per year on retail goods, and that in the region an overwhelming majority of it stayed in the Brussels region.

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