Unapproved flyer about headscarves and un-anaesthetised slaughter embarrasses Ecolo

Unapproved flyer about headscarves and un-anaesthetised slaughter embarrasses Ecolo

Several members of the Francophone environmentalist party, Ecolo, have distributed unapproved flyers in Laeken with political stances on wearing a headscarf in public administration and at school, and for un-anaesthetised slaughter.  "Should the headscarf be allowed in the counter? Yes. Should pupils' parents be able to choose holidays based on religious beliefs? Yes. Headscarf at school? Yes."

That is what it says on the flyer, which came from the local department of Ecolo in Saint-Josse and was signed by Zoé Genot, who is electable for the Brussels Parliament, and Ahmed Mouhssin, number nine on the list for the elections.

"When Ecolo goes crazy with its communitarianism," tweeted Brussels CDH president Jean-François Thayer. "Unbelievable that they have fallen so low," said Georges-Louis Bouchez, spokesperson for MR.

Within the party as well, the flyer led to several discussions. "We were not informed, this was not approved by us. When I heard about it two hours ago, we immediately asked to stop handing out the flyer, and they did," said Brussels party leader Alain Maron to Bruzz.

It is not immediately clear what position Ecolo is taking on the issues. "We have liberal stances in that area. However, we are also pretty nuanced, which is not clear on the flyer at all," said Maron to Bruzz. Ecolo's party programme does not say anything about headscarves or un-anaesthetised slaughter.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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