Brussels suspends horse-drawn carriages

Brussels suspends horse-drawn carriages
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The city of Brussels announced on Monday afternoon that it was suspending horse-drawn carriages due to concern for the well-being of the animals. Antwerp and Ostend have also suspended the use of horse-drawn carriages, as previously reported.

The decision takes immediate effect, is valid until at least Tuesday and could be extended, depending on the temperature. The situation will be assessed daily, the municipality said.

The will to protect the well-being of the horses is at the heart of the city councillors’ decision. “The announcing of the first tropical temperature for the season has confirmed the need and urgency to protect the horses that draw the carriages through the City,” explained Fabian Maingain, alderman for economic affairs of the City of Brussels.

The decision was taken in collaboration with Thibaut Dantine, who runs the carriages in Brussels. “This heatwave highlights the priority that needs to be given to animal well-being, and the importance of increased, daily adapted, vigilance,” Dantine said.

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