Forgotten pot and electric scooters set Brussels homes ablaze

Forgotten pot and electric scooters set Brussels homes ablaze
Credit: Belga

Two buildings in different areas of Brussels went up in flames on Wednesday, with the fire department rushing to quench the blazes, one of which broke out in a room where several electric scooters where stored.

The first fire saw the ground floor of an eight-story apartment building in Anderlecht's Rue Antoine Nys catch fire.

The fire department managed to extinguish the flames within an hour, with no serious injuries reported apart from one person who required treatment for smoke inhalation.

While the exact cause of the fire remains unclear, the blaze started out in a room where many electrical scooters were being stored, according to Bruzz.

A second fire in Molenbeek's Rue des Fuchsias broke out on the second floor of a six-story apartment building at around 20:30.

One person was admitted to the hospital after sustaining burns in the face and arms but his condition has since stabilised, according to the outlet.

A forgotten pot on the stove was reportedly the cause of the fire in Molenbeek, which according to the outlet resulted in minimal damage to the property.

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