Belgium in Brief: Best fries in Europe, Wallonia for sale and drinking on the street

Belgium in Brief: Best fries in Europe, Wallonia for sale and drinking on the street

The best fries in Europe are - unsurprisingly - in Belgium, 700 people gather for an apero on the busiest road in Brussels and the N-VA youth try to sell Wallonia to Donald Trump.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. ‘Go back to your country’: xenophobic messages scratched on woman’s car

A woman’s car in West Flanders was completely covered in scratches in what the driver is calling a racist incident after the message “go back to your country” was scratched on her vehicle. Read more

2. Around 700 people attend drinks on rue de la Loi to denounce climate change

Around 700 people attended an urban aperitif in the middle of the busy rue de la Loi in Brussels on Thursday to discuss air pollution in the city, according to estimates by the organisers. Read more.

3. E313 highway completely blocked after two traffic accidents

Traffic on the E313 highway from Antwerp to Liège is a complete standstill after two different traffic accidents took place on Friday morning. Read more.

4. Belgian restaurant named No.1 place for fries in Europe

Frites Atelier in Antwerp has been named the number one place for fries in Europe, with Makamaka in Barcelona in second and Just Chips in Bristol, England, coming in third. Read more.

5. Brexit could bring thousands of nurses to Belgium, but elsewhere jobs will be lost

As the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union approaches, Belgium is facing mixed news on the jobs front. Read more.

6. Lufthansa offers passengers a new program to compensate for C02 emissions

A new compensation program by Lufthansa allows passengers a way to help offset their carbon footprint by helping the airline pay for the use of biofuel on trips. Read more.

7. N-VA youth wing propose selling Wallonia to Trump for €1

The leader of the group of French-speaking Christian democrats in the federal Parliament has criticised a tweet sent by the youth wing of Flemish nationalist party N-VA offering to sell Wallonia to US President Donald Trump. Read more.

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