Molenbeek announces increased measures against speeding drivers

Molenbeek announces increased measures against speeding drivers
Molenbeek announced a series of measures aimed at better enforcing maximum speed limits. Credit: Thomas Van Ass/

A series of measures will seek to better enforce the maximum speed limits in Molenbeek, in an effort by local officials to protect road users from speeding drivers and cut down on noise pollution.

Local alderman for public works Jef Van Damme said at the end of last week that even though the maximum speed limit in 85% of the municipality's streets was of 30 kilometres per hour, "certain drivers" drove well beyond that speed.

"This is irresponsible, given the number of small streets in the highly populated neighbourhoods of Molenbeek," he wrote in a statement. "Driving at high speeds increases the risk of accidents and causes noise pollution," he added.

The pavement markings indicating a low-speed driving zone will be made more visible by using thermoplastic markings, a thick, reflective and wear-resisting type of paint, Van Damme said. Additional markings for school areas will also be put in place.

An estimated 160 new pavement markings will be painted on roads both at the start and at the end of the designated zone, he added.

The announcement of the measures comes after the outgoing mayor of Schaerbeek said that he would better equip traffic police to increase the number of speed checks they conduct, after the northern Brussels municipality was hit by a series of road accidents in recent months.

Additionally, the municipality will progressively shift towards building infrastructure aimed at dissuading high-speed driving, such as narrower streets with larger sidewalks and more speed bumps, the Molenbeek alderman said.

Gabriela Galindo

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