Police car parked in handicapped spot sparks internal investigation

Police car parked in handicapped spot sparks internal investigation
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A Brussels police zone has launched an internal investigation after one of its vehicles was spotted stationed in a handicapped parking spot.

A passer-by in the municipality of Etterbeek spotted the parked police vehicle, which belongs to the Montgomery police zone on Tuesday, sending a photo of it to Francophone daily 7sur7.

While the passer-by told the outlet that the car had remained parked in the spot for around 15 minutes, the time frame given by a police spokesperson was much shorter.

"There was, indeed, a car of ours parked in that handicapped spot, from 10:12 to 10:19 AM," the spokesperson told Bruzz.

The spokesperson said that an internal investigation had been launched and that more information would be released upon its conclusion.

Parking a car in a handicapped parking space without proper authorisation can lead to a fine of up to €116, an amount which can swell if the car is also impounded.

The Etterbeek resident denounced the incident, telling the outlet the police should not be excused from respecting road regulations.

A police vehicle can only make use of a handicapped parking spot during an emergency situation, and their lights and siren must be on.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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