Anti-speeding operation sees 85% of drivers' speed drop

Anti-speeding operation sees 85% of drivers' speed drop

A months-long crackdown against speeding in northern Brussels has seen the speed of a significant majority of drivers drop significantly, local police said.

The Brussels North police zone stepped up efforts against speeding drivers at the end of 2018, by increasing speed checks, deploying additional radars and launching awareness campaigns.

Figures released on Wednesday showed that the initiative is yielding results, as the police zone noted that 85% of drivers' speed had decreased as well as the average speed in all but one of the areas targetted.

The initiative targetted several roads and avenues in northern municipalities like Evere, Saint-Josse and Schaerbeek, the latter of which has been in the spotlight recently for a series of accidents, some of which have had lethal outcomes.

"Only on Avenue Jules Bordet, the figures did not drop," said police chief  Frédéric Dauphin, referring to the avenue in Evere. "There, the speed of 85% of drivers is still 64 kilometres per hour, despite the limit being 50 kilometres per hour."

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The hike in speed checks saw officers inspect over 12 million drivers during the first nine months of 2019, compared to around 10 million during all of 2018, according to Bruzz.

Despite the fact that the figures show a certain decline, the police said that more work needed to be done as the average speed was still too high, with drivers often driving above the 30 kilometres per hour speed limit imposed in several built-up areas.

The report showed that the number of accidents leading to an injury fell by 13% between 2018 and 2019, a positive decline according to the police, who nevertheless note that efforts must continue in order to change motorists' behaviour.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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