Over a dozen bus journeys scrapped in Brussels due to staff shortages

Over a dozen bus journeys scrapped in Brussels due to staff shortages
De Lijn's bus and tram services will be hit by a strike. Credit: Belga

Passengers travelling by bus between Brussels and the Flemish Periphery will see their journeys impacted as over a dozen bus lines will cut down on journeys due to staff shortages.

Flemish transport company De Lijn said the decision to cut back frequency was a temporary move which aimed to provide a more structural solution to the fact that they do not have enough drivers on staff.

"Today we have too little drivers to carry out all journeys," De Lijn spokesperson told Bruzz. "We have to decide on the spot whether a journey can take place."

A statement in the company's website said that their staff shortage meant that lately, travellers "could not count" on the company's service.

From 4 November, a total of 20 bus lines will scrap some journeys on their time tables and adjust service frequency. The buses operate on routes connecting Brussels to cities and municipalities like Dilbeek, Aasse, Vilvoorde and Zaventem.

The new timetables will remain in place until 20 December, the company said in the online statement.

The Flemish transport company said they are looking to hire fifty new bus drivers in order to bring the service back to normal, Bruzz reports.

Responding to the news on Thursday, Brussels Minister for the Flemish Periphery, Benjamin Dalle, said that De Lijn should recruit from a pool of over 9,000 job seekers in Brussels, adding that it was "essential" for the city to remain well-connected to its periphery.

Gabriela Galindo

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