Brussels schools are falling apart

Brussels schools are falling apart
Ganshoren school where five out of 43 premises were condemned in September (not pictured). Credit: Wikipedia

Dilapidated buildings, poor fire-risk management, nonconform electrical installations, collapsing playgrounds.

But these aren't abandoned buildings, they are active schools.  

According to a comprehensive study carried out in 2016-2017 of which La Libre and DH have been made aware, many Brussels schools are deteriorating at an alarming level.  

The report covered 19 Brussels schools in the Wallonia-Brussels network. Three years after the drafting of the text, the situation has not improved, Belga reports. This is well illustrated by the Ganshoren school where five out of 43 premises were condemned in September, while the prefabricated buildings in which some courses are held are falling apart.

This study is the only study of the area in question and was recently mentioned by Minister of FWB Budget Frédéric Daerden (PS) while he was being questioned in Parliament on the subject. 

"We have inherited a dilapidated school estate. Over 2,800 buildings (3 million square meters) of which 43% are prefabricated, must be upkept with a very insufficient budget," Daerden admitted.

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