Fashion trucks bring clothes shopping to your doorstep

Fashion trucks bring clothes shopping to your doorstep
Credit: Le coin des cliquottes

Are you a person with very little time or simply no desire to run around department stores? An innovative concept is gradually taking hold in Belgium that could be a godsend: fashion trucks.

Whilst food trucks are a familiar sight on squares, at markets or festivals, fashion trucks start from the same principle. But instead of pizza or pasta, clothes and fashion accessories are offered. The truck is transformed into a sales space on wheels.

While fashion trucks are already well established in the United States, Canada or in cities like London, in Belgium it is a relatively novel concept.

Making dreams a reality

Four years ago, Céline Scholinckx created Start Style, her clothing boutique. Since April 28, her business has expanded and she has embarked on the adventure of having a fashion truck.

The desire to create something bigger than just a shop has been in her head since a trip to London several years ago. Scholinckx is not the only one to have taken the plunge in 2022. At the end of March, Audrey Ganser and her husband, Jérôme Servais, a couple from Waimes, also decided to diversify their online sales business by creating their fashion truck "Le coin des cliquottes."

Ganser and Servais hope to stand out with the truck: "The idea was born during the confinement period. Now it has grown to offer something different, not to do like everyone else." When you go to a fashion truck, you find the advantages of buying in stores while experiencing something new.

With this concept, you can fill your wardrobe from almost anywhere, in a parking lot, in a garden, in the middle of the street, the possibilities are as endless as the routes the truck can take.

Expanding beyond shopping

Mobility is key to the concept of fashion trucks. Start Style is currently located at the Shopping Cora de Rocourt in Liège from 09:00-20:00. In July, Scholinckx will participate in a festival and in September she offers her services for a birthday. The fashion truck is available for both public and private events.

"I accept everything that is offered to me and that corresponds to the image I want to convey. It can be sales or corporate events," Scholinckx said. Eventually, the young entrepreneur would like to create two or three fashion trucks.

For their part, Ganser and Servais tour the markets in the Waimes region. In addition, they have officially launched group parties and shopping parties for individuals. "We go to your home, your company, beauty salon, with our van and put it at your disposal for two hours. In addition, we bring small sweet and savoury snacks," the couple explains on their Facebook page.

The idea of fashion trucks is to offer infinitely customisable moments and adapt to customers.

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