Speculoos producer Lotus Bakeries to open factory in Thailand

Speculoos producer Lotus Bakeries to open factory in Thailand
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Manufacturer of the legendary speculoos (Biscoff) caramelised sugar biscuit Lotus Bakeries is set to build a new factory in Thailand, De Tijd reports. The first biscuits are expected to roll off the factory conveyor belt in 2026.

Speculoos biscuits are already extremely popular in Asia, with company Lotus owning sales offices in China and South Korea, as well as teams in Hong Kong. To bolster growth in the region, Lotus will open a new factory in Thailand to satisfy the needs of the Asian market.

The Belgian company has been expanding steadily in recent years. Just three years ago, Lotus Bakeries opened a factory in Mebane, in North Carolina, the United States. In South Africa, the group owns a factory for African treat Bear, a type of liquorice candy.

According to a press release from the company, the Thai factory will be based in the eastern province of Chonburi, not far from the capital Bangkok.

The factory will sit on the so-called “Eastern Economic Corridor” which is currently receiving massive economic investment. Goods flowing along this corridor, which connects China, Korea, and Malaysia, experience next to no import duties, according to Lotus CEO Jan Boone.

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“The ecological aspect is an important motive for buying locally and exporting in the region,” Boone explained. “The intention is to go to three of four production lines in the first phase.”

The company states that the size of investment into the Thai factory will be comparable to that of its US plant, which the North Carolina government says amounted to $84 million. Asia represents around 15% of all the company’s sales and will allow the company to get biscuits faster and cheaper to Asian customers.

“We will be busy with the expansion in America and Asia,” said Boone. “We will soon have three factories on the three most important continents for us. You shouldn’t expect another announcement like this to come any time soon.”

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