Industries complain of high electricity prices

Industries complain of high electricity prices

Belgium’s government has done nothing over the past four years to reduce the competitive disadvantage industrial consumers suffer because of much high electricity prices than in neighbouring countries, the Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, Febeliec, said on Wednesday. For the sixth consecutive year, Deloitte has compared, at Febeliec’s request, electricity prices paid by Belgian industrial consumers, such as chemical companies, and those charged in neighbouring countries. According to the study, Belgian industries pay between 10.5% and 34% more for their electricity than the average in France, Germany and the Netherlands. “For the biggest consumers, this translates into a disadvantage of millions of euros” per year, Febeliec president Luc Sterckx said.

Febeliec is urging the authorities to establish an energy standard as envisaged in the Government Agreement. In concrete terms, it is calling for a 90% reduction in transport and distribution costs for large, stable consumers in Belgium, as is the case in France, Germany and the Netherlands. The federation estimates that this measure would cost about 100 million euros per year.

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