Brussels Airlines begins flying for Eurowings

Brussels Airlines begins flying for Eurowings

Brussels Airlines made its first flight on Tuesday for the low-cost carrier, Eurowings. In April, the Belgian carrier is scheduled to begin long-haul flights for Eurowings, taking off from Dusseldorf. The Airbus A340, sporting Eurowings colours, flew on Tuesday between Düsseldorf and Palma de Mayorca and between Düsseldorf and Vienna. These European connections serve as training flights before launching intercontinental ones in late April.

Brussels Airlines will use two A340s and an A330 for its long-distance flights for the German company, which will serve New York, Fort Myers and Miami in the United States, Cancun in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The three planes will make a total of 1,700 intercontinental flights per year, ferrying about 450,000 passengers, Eurowings reported.

In recent months, Brussels Airlines has taken on 250 stewards, stewardesses and pilots for the new planes. A spokesperson for the airline said the new crew members, mostly Germans, were trained in Brussels.

Both Brussels Airlines and Eurowings belong to the Lufthansa group. The Belgian airline was selected to carry out long-haul flights for Eurowings because of its expertise in this area. Eurowings does not, in fact, operate long-haul flights.

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