New battle between Test-Aankoop and Ryanair over strike compensation

New battle between Test-Aankoop and Ryanair over strike compensation

Consumer organisation Test-Achats has once again clashed with low-cost airline Ryanair, over new customer conditions imposed by the airline which would disallow customers to bring a complaint under Belgian law.

In the small print of the customer agreement, Ryanair makes it clear that legal complaints – for example in the case of compensation regarding recent strikes – can only be dealt with in the courts of Ireland. That would of course make it prohibitively expensive for customers in other countries, such as Belgium, to pursue legal issues.

Test-Achats claims the change is an attempt by Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary to circumvent the justice system by forcing passengers to take legal action in Ireland. Because of recent industrial action by both pilots and cabin crew, one single representative of customers, Claim-It, is supporting compensation claims of more than four million euros.

The company itself argues that customers in Belgium – Ryanair flies out of both Charlerio and Brussels-National – can still pursue a legal claim against the company, but it first has to be declared in Ireland.

Test-Aankoop, meanwhile, will pursue its complaint in the Belgian system.

Alan Hope
The Brussels Times

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