CMI inaugurates biggest green-energy stocking plant in Europe

CMI inaugurates biggest green-energy stocking plant in Europe

Cockerill Maintenance and Engineering (CMI) on Friday inaugurated the largest industrial green-energy stocking plant in Europe at the site of its headquarters in Seraign. The Seraign Integrated Micro Network, MiRIS, requires an investment of 10 million euros to equip the company with a station made up of 6,500 photovoltaic panels coupled with energy-storing batteries. Its use will be regulated by an Energy Management System (EMS).

The photovoltaic panels and the batteries will be connected to the EMS, which was developed with the University of Liège and which regulates the use of the energy generated by the panels and stored in the batteries. The system thus ensures data-management, the creation of models of alternative production scenarios, energy forecasts, and the demand for installations.

“MiRIS is an engine for amplifying the use of green energy by eliminating its main flaw: intermittent production,” said CMI Energy President Jean-Michel Gheeraerdts. “It’s an alternative to diesel generators, a way of deferring investment in other parts of the network, a means of optimizing photovoltaic or wind systems and an enabler of participation in primary or secondary reserve markets.”  

The new technology, which is the result of six months of reflection and nine months of design, powers the CMI’s headquarters and halls in Seraign. The firm hopes to gross about 40 million to 50 million euros thanks to its new, innovative product, according to CMI Group CEO Jean-Luc Maurange.

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