Belgian logistics ride the e-commerce wave

Belgian logistics ride the e-commerce wave

Belgian logistic companies are benefitting from a surge in online shopping in Belgium, as a growing number of consumers in the country continue to favour their laptops over the high street.

The latest report from the E-Commerce Foundation found that only two Belgian retailers made the list of the top ten most popular sites for e-shoppers.

Most Belgians opt instead to buy from online retailers in the Netherlands, with companies in China, France and, Germany following behind.

But Belgium's economy is still benefiting from the rising popularity of online sales, mainly thanks to the country's strong logistical infrastructure, which the report ranks as third worldwide.

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A Belgian preference to have products delivered straight at home is also an additional element from which transport and logistics companies benefit from.

Logistic warehouses in Belgium are strategically located around major consumer poles such as Antwerp, Gent, Brussels or Liège, and the country's small size gives it a strategic edge as well, the report notes.

The report foresees that business to customer turnover in Belgium will reach €14 billion in 2019, and say most consumers cited by the report, published in April, spent over €150 in online shopping during the previous month.

Leading the list of online retailers in Belgium is, which ranks above online retail giant Amazon — presumably because it does not have a Belgian website, with customers shopping from the French or Dutch platforms instead, according to their preferred language.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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