Second Chinese cybersecurity centre opens in Brussels

Second Chinese cybersecurity centre opens in Brussels
ZTE is the second Chinese cybersecurity centre to open in Brussels. Credit: © Belga

China’s ZTE is opening a cybersecurity centre in Brussels, four months after a similar move by Huawei.

ZTE said in a press release that its “lab” will be installed “in the political and administrative heart of the European Union”.

The opening of Chinese tech giant Huawei’s cybersecurity centre in Brussels four months ago had aroused considerable media attention, with the United States accusing Huawei of espionage. Belgium’s Centre pour la Cybersécurité Belgique (CCB) opened an investigation but detected no risk in terms of cybersecurity. Huawei, for its part, has always denied the accusations.

By installing cybersecurity centres in Brussels, the Chinese telecommunications companies appear to be trying to provide more transparency, according to Reuters.

ZTE is not on the U.S. blacklist, despite criticism from the U.S. of its trade with Iran. Last year, the group was banned from exporting to the United States and was forced to pay a fine of 1 billion dollars.

The cybersecurity centre gives customers and regulators the opportunity to check the source code of network equipment and test cyberattacks.

 The security of the ICT industry cannot be controlled by a single operator, ZTE said, adding that it wished to play a greater role in this regard.

ZTE already has similar centres in Nanjing (China) and Rome (Italy).

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