AB Inbev launches Bud on the Dutch market

AB Inbev launches Bud on the Dutch market
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AB InBev has launched its U.S. brand, Bud, on the Dutch market.

According to the giant Belgian beer consortium, Bud is the sector’s strongest brand on the world market. It stands out among those sold in the Netherlands, such as Jupiter, Leffe, Hertog Jan and Corona, the local branch of AB Inbev argues, noting that it is mostly associated with after-work pints and festivals, so its target public is between 18 and 35 years old.

Market studies conducted by AB Inbev have found that the Dutch drinking public is happy at the arrival of a new actor on the beer scene, seeing it as a response to a real demand.

After its launch in hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants, the Bud, which will be competing with the national number-one beer, Heineken, will be available in shops and stores from autumn.

Known as Budweiser at home in the United States, where it appeared in the 19th century, the brand shortened its name to Bud in Europe due to a complaint filed by the Czech brewery Budweiser Budvar. It became a subsidiary of AB Inbev in 2008.

Bud destined for the market will be brewed soon in Leuven, but there is no yet any plan to market it in Belgium.

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