Animal fat can be used to create renewable fuel

Animal fat can be used to create renewable fuel

A Finnish company that produces renewable fuel made from animal organs is introducing the product to the Dutch market.

The basis of the product is made from animal fat. Other components are fish oil, cooking oil and waste oil.

Cleaner than regular diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel produces 50% to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, reports New Mobility

Having previously launched the diesel fuel in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and the US state of California, the company plans for the renewable diesel to be available at 60 filling stations in the Netherlands before the end of 2019.

The company, which opened an office in Amsterdam this week, also plan to introduce Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel to the global aviation industry, reports Renewable Energy Magazine.

“The opening of our new office in the Netherlands marks an important step in the execution of our growth strategy for renewable aviation globally," said Neste’s President and CEO Peter Vanacker.

Evie McCullough

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