Fund-raising record for Walloon biotechs

Walloon companies in the biotechnology industry raised nearly half a billion euros in 2018, the Echo said, based on Biowin competitive cluster data, and on main active investment funds in the sector: SRIW Meusinvest, Sambrinvest and Nivelinvest. Walloon biotech thus raised 486.6 million euros this year. In 14 years, the total fundraising carried out by life sciences PMEs in the south of the country amounted to 1.78 billion euros, against 1.3 billion a year ago. 

This good result is mainly due to the strengthening of the expertise of universities and researchers, increasing needs to meet due to the aging of the population, and/or the snowball effect of past success in both Flanders and Wallonia (Eurogentec, IBA in the medtech, Ogeda ...).

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