Huawei smartphones sell at record speed despite ongoing tensions with the US

Huawei smartphones sell at record speed despite ongoing tensions with the US
Huawei’s President of Handset Product Line Mr. Kevin Ho during a presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai on 27 June.

Huawei smartphones are selling almost twice as fast this year compared to last year, the company announced at the annual MWC congress in Shanghai last week.

The global telecom leader had shipped 10 million units of its latest P30 smartphones by 30 May, or 85 days, compared to the 147 days it took for its predecessor P20 line last year. It is a record-breaking three months for Huawei flagship devices, Huawei’s President of Handset Product Line Mr. Kevin Ho told the press at the conference in Shanghai last week.

The latest flagship model has received global acclaim and a number of awards from the industry, recognizing its strong performance, and in particular its outstanding photography capabilities.

Most recently, the European Hardware Association recognized the Huawei P30 Pro as the “Best Smartphone of 2019”. The P30 Pro also claimed the Asia Mobile Awards for "Best Smartphine of 2019" at the MWc last week. The recognition is awarded by a panel of journalists, market analysts and influencers based on several categories, which take into account design, performance and user experience.

The strong results and sales of its consumer devices have been achieved despite the ongoing challenges faced by the company after the Trump administration added Huawei last month to a list which prevents US companies from supplying it without first obtaining a US government license. These restrictions came despite any evidence of a cyber security threat or suspicious activities having taken place.

In April, the Belgian Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB), announced that it had not found any evidence of cyber security threats, following a months-long investigation, and will consequently not issue a negative opinion on the company.

During the G20 summit in Osaka last weekend, President Trump announced his intentions to ease the restrictions on Huawei, which will, most importantly, allow the company to continue working with Google and the Android OS.

At the MWC last week, the company announced it has also been working on its own operating system, so as to not become overly dependent on third party suppliers.

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