’The flying man’ attempts to cross the English channel

’The flying man’ attempts to cross the English channel

Franky Zapata, “The flying man”, will try to cross the English channel again after failing in his first attempt on Thursday.

“He doesn’t want to leave it at a failure, but will retry by the end of the week. Either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather conditions, his press officer declared on Monday.

“Franky is ready, he has spent all weekend in Marseille to repair his electronic material,” which was damaged when the “flying man” fell in the English waters as Zapata hit the boat deck when going for a refuel.

The French maritime office has in the meantime given out warnings. “We will make that there will be support measurements close to him, but they will not be completely dedicated to him,” a French official told AFP.

A military helicopter was close to the departure zone, as Zapata flew off on Thursday. While a military tug boat, brought him back to the French coast, when he crashed.

Zapata’s attempt over the English channel comes 110 years after Louis Blériot became world famous for being the first man flying over the English channel.

A European jet-ski champion, Zapata 40-years-old from France, hopes to land on St Margaret’s bay after a 20 minute flight route.

The "Flyboard" is an autonomous flying machine powered by kerosene and stored in a backpack.

It is equipped with five mini-turbojets which allows it to take off and fly up to 190 km/h, standing in the air. The fuel tank lasts for about ten minutes.

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