The big decisions when moving to Belgium

Are you moving abroad? Congratulations: you've already taken the most important decision.Expatriation is an opportunity to discover a different way of living, to learn a new language, professional improvement, to reinvent yourself as a person and, if the decision is taken in couple, to strengthen your bond. But before you begin the adventure there is still some essential steps you need to take: psych yourself up, get ready for lots of paperwork, an exhausting bustle of formalities, finding accommodation, meeting new people, making decisions and many, many doubts.

Life is full of big decisions, from small ones such as which tie to choose for a job interview to big ones: those dilemma’s we face once in a while with the feeling our entire life is depending on the choice we make. Should you take the new opportunity, and follow a dream, or should you carry on with life as it is? In your case, moving abroad and settling in Belgium can be both an exciting and terrifying possibility. Be confident that your decision will open up a new world for you with numerous possibilities.

Trust yourself

You know yourself better than the others. By challenging your decision to others you might come to a point where you have too much information to pay attention to and then divert from your first objective of decision making.

Your intuition is your best friend when things get this complicated. Following your intuition could be the best and more sustainable option in your case.  Also, try to remember the last time you had to make a big decision: How did you feel? What was the outcome? Of course you have been out of your comfort zone. How would you describe the feeling afterwards? Were you proud of yourself? 

Be aware of the decision blues

This is normal, you might go through it. Just accept it. Remember that your decision is the best one, made for a good reason and inspired by your intuition and confidence. Be the author and actor of your life and make your dreams come true whatever the choice; staying in your current country or moving abroad, it is the right one for you.

What made you decide becoming an expat? How was your experience?

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