NMBS/SNCB to take on 1,200 more staff by yearend

NMBS/SNCB to take on 1,200 more staff by yearend

The national railway company, NMBS/SNCB, announced on Tuesday that it will hire an additional 1,200 workers by the end of this year. To this end, the NMBS/SNCB has asked HR Rail, the legal employer of all Belgian railway staff, to launch a new recruitment campaign.

For the entire year, HR Rail needs to recruit a total of 1,600 new staff for the railway company. These will include 320 train and shunt drivers (shunt drivers move units of rolling stock into complete trains) along with 185 attendants. The NMBS/SNCB is also looking for technical staff, such as technicians, civil and industrial engineers and commercial staff.

It has also revamped its Internet site, while NMBS/SNCB and HR Rail have also mounted a “human and warm campaign” focused on “workers’ passion for travelers”.

"This campaign goes beyond the simple call for applicants,” commented NMBS/SNCB CEO Sophie Dutordoir. “It highlights important values for our future, such as client orientation, professionalism, commitment, passion for the profession and the desire to meet challenges.”

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