Vincent Kompany urges Brussels jobseekers to learn Dutch

Vincent Kompany urges Brussels jobseekers to learn Dutch

The Brussels regional employment office, Actiris, has launched its second consecutive campaign to encourage jobseekers to learn Dutch, and featuring national footballer Vincent Kompany. This year, the campaign includes a competition whose nine winners will get an opportunity to receive a private Dutch lesson from the Manchester United defender and his partner for the campaign, comedian Abdel en Vrai.

“I find it very important that after last year’s success, we’re going a bit further still,” Kompany said. “That’s why I’m happy that Abdel, who is active in the field, has come on board. I hope that, together, we shall encourage young jobseekers to learn Dutch through Actiris and increase their chances of landing a job.”

Job-hunting Brussels residents can go to the japprendsleflamandavecvincent website and do a test comprising six questions to determine the best option for learning the language of Vondel. This can take the form of language cheques or a proposal for an apprenticeship through the Flemish employment office, VDAB.

At the end of the test, the participants can register for the competition, which is open until Wednesday 7 November, and try and win a private class with Vincent Kompany.

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