Almost 80% of employees received an average pay hike of 22.6 euros in 2018

Almost 80% of employees received an average pay hike of 22.6 euros in 2018

In the first eight months of 2018, three out of four employees covered by the Auxiliary Paritary Commission for Employees, CP200, received an average gross salary increase of 22.60 euros, the Acerta human resources agency said in a study published on Wednesday. In the same period, no sectoral indexations or increases were granted to the employees, so the increased earnings were due to years of service or promotions.

Of the 24,000 employees covered by the study, 79.82% received an average increase of up to 1% (22.60 euros on average) while 13% obtained an average increase of more than 2.5%, an average of 142 to 163 euros, as a result of promotions or upgraded posts.

According to Acerta legal expert Olivier Marcq, the increases of 0-5% (close to 90% of the employees studied) were largely linked to the annual increase in years of service.

Within Paritary Commission 200, the annual seniority increase for the lower salary scales varied between 0.30% and close to 2.0%, based on years of service and the type  of post. The largest increases were due to promotions or post upgrades: 8.34% of employees obtained a wage increase of over 5%.

Jobs in the Brussels-Capital Region offered the best opportunities for pay rises. The percentage of employees who did not receive pay hikes (71%) was the lowest and the percentage of employees with the highest salary increases was the highest, 4.13%.

The study found that there were significant salary increases in the first years in a given job, but that after many years of service within the same business, there were few financial incentives.

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