Belgium strongly affected by Ikea restructuring

Belgium strongly affected by Ikea restructuring

“We did not expect that such a successful company would make such a restructuring.'' “This global restructuring particularly affects the functioning of the headquarters and HR services in Belgian stores. There is talk about letting go almost half of the staff," union secretary Miriam Nevelsteen (AML) reacted, following the announcement of the Ikea restructuring.

"Currently, 255 people work at Zaventem headquarters. HR services in the five Belgian stores employ 35 to 40 people. There is mention of the suppression of 100 to 120 jobs in both units, which is nearly half of the workforce. This is pretty unbelievable," she says.

 Just as her colleague from the socialist union BBTK, Benny Willems, the unionist hopes to receive more information at the next scheduled board of directors Monday.

Socialist union leader Benny Willems deplores the fact "that a company making 10 billion in profits should proceed to such a wave of layoffs."

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