Stella Artois to be transported by boats, not trucks

Stella Artois to be transported by boats, not trucks

AB Inbev’s Stella Artois beer will now be transported by boat.

It will be shipped from Monsin Island (Liege Province) to Haven van Antwerpen (Port of Antwerp),  in turn decreasing the number of trucks on the road by nearly 5,000 per year. This was announced by Jupille-sur-Meuse AB InBev Brewery’s Director Steven Van Belleghem on Thursday at the official departure of the first container by ship in the presence of Prime Minister Charles Michel. 

"Inland waterway transport needs to be used more often in order to relieve the sometimes crowded roads, and we are talking about 5,000 fewer trucks per year, so this is a strong signal today," said Michel.

This collaboration between AB Inbev, Euroports and TFC (Fluvial Transportation Containers) should reduce CO2 emissions by around 30%. An average of 100 containers will be transported by boat per week. "But the goal is to no longer need up to 10,000 trucks in two years," Liege Brewery Director said. 

Mayor of Liege and Liege Port (PAL) President Willy Demeyer said he was doubly happy, first as a Jupillois, but also because using inland waterway transport is a way to consolidate employment, "between 500 and 600 jobs in Jupille. To have this mobility solution is a great asset for the company,” Demeyer said. 

Stella Artois — AB InBev’s star — is currently one of the three brands of worldwide distribution. 90% of Belgium-brewed Stella Artois is for exportation.

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