‘Unplanned’ strike to cause major disruptions in Belgian airports

‘Unplanned’ strike to cause major disruptions in Belgian airports

Flights across Belgium are expected to be impacted by an “unplanned” strike by air traffic control operator Skeyes, which could disrupt flights throughout the day.

All planes flying into or out a Belgian airport will be impacted, and some flights beyond Belgian borders may also be subject to delays, according to a European aviation authority, Eurocontrol.

In the Brussels area, the air control centre will not operate from 9:30 until at least 13:00, as a result of the strike.

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In Brussels Zaventem airport, the strikes have already led to the cancellation of over 50 flights, as well as in Charleroi airport.

Two hours before the strike was set to kick-off, the head of Eurocontrol said on Twitter that Skeyes decision was “unplanned.”

Dissatisfaction over work conditions and lack of personnel seemingly continues to grow among the staff of the air traffic control operator, as the strikes, ongoing since March.

In April, it was reported the strikes had already caused damages estimated at €10 million, leading Walloon transport authorities to block payments to Skeyes.

In a statement, Brussels Airport said disturbances could continue throughout the day.

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