Sausage warning: products recalled due to salmonella

Sausage warning: products recalled due to salmonella

The sausages concerned have been sold in about 30 stores throughout Belgium. The producer of the sausages, Norenca is recalling different batches of its sausages due to the finding of salmonella, indicates on Friday the Federal Agency for food safety (Afsca). The sausages in question have been mainly sold via Spar and Makro stores.

Norenca is asking consumers to not eat the sausages and return them back to the point of sale they bought them from. The sausages in question are: Country sausages and the Liege sausages. The products have been sold from 13 April with the expiry date of 19 April. About 100 kilos of meat has been contaminated with salmonella.           

The typical symptoms from salmonella are fever, stomach cramps and diarrhea. They symptoms usually start 12 to 48 hours following ingestion. Young children, pregnant women and the elderly run a higher risk of being infected.

More information from Norenca ( or 014 / 58.45.11).

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