What makes UZ Brussel different?

What makes UZ Brussel different?
The offer of UZ Brussel is based on a humanistic approach

Being a patient, you want the best possible treatment, care and service. You also want to be treated like a human being, in an egalitarian way, with respect.
And you count on caregivers motivated to restore your balance of life. This is what the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (University Hospital Brussels) offers. UZ Brussel provides a complete array of medical care, across the spectrum of various specialisations of which there are many international references. Moreover, UZ Brussel develops its offer based on a humanistic approach that considers the patient a partner in his own healthcare.

Complex and top-class clinical care provided by highly qualified experts

UZ Brussel provides complex, top-class clinical care of the very highest standard. The medical professionals of university hospitals hold state-of-the-art qualifications. Hospital physicians nominated or designated on the recommendation of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels/VUB) manage and support the medical staff. UZ Brussel also disposes of high-tech equipment, allowing the hospital to promote the effective use and dissemination of new medical technologies. The hospital strives to be a frontrunner in this area, but only applies technology when it represents added value to the patient.

Scientific and clinical research closely tied

The purpose of pure scientific research is to understand and unravel mechanisms that play a role in disorders and finding ways and means of treating them (such as medication). Clinical research starts once the results of pure scientific research are considered sufficient to be able to progress. The close permanent ties that exist between fundamental research conducted at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the VUB and clinical research performed at UZ Brussel assure the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and create pools of advanced scientific knowledge. There is long-standing close collaboration between them on specific subjects. In terms of developing and perfecting innovative techniques and treatments, UZ Brussel plays an important role in evaluating them once they start being used. Its role is clearly visible in three fields: health technology assessment, evidence-based medicine and evidence-based healthcare.

The oncology research team develops cutting edge experimental therapies

Driven by continuous innovation

If clinical research produces concrete results, or if a new medical technology is perfected, the researchers at UZ Brussel disclose their findings in Belgium and beyond. This occurs in various ways: by publishing articles in authoritative scientific journals, by speaking at scientific conferences or by tutoring, teaching and training in Belgium and abroad. These activities account for a substantial part of the workload of these researchers, who meanwhile perform their regular daily clinical duties as consultants at the university hospital. Its sustained efforts mean UZ Brussel is constantly evolving in the R&D field.

Over the years this approach has led to the emergence of several medico-scientific areas of expertise. It has produced world firsts in medical diagnosis and treatment, such as the Centre for Reproductive Medicine, the Oncology Centre, the Diabetes Research Centre, the Centre for Medical Imaging and the Centre for Heart and Vascular Diseases.  The proven top-quality work of the various research centres of UZ Brussel, conducted in a stimulating spirit of openness, independence and candid investigation, is the reason why the hospital ranks alongside other leading university hospitals.

Proven quality

The UZ Brussel acquired the JCI-accreditation (Joint Commission International). This is important to patients since it guarantees patient safety and the quality of care. Even more, it makes the healthcare quality demonstrable through amongst others clear and efficient procedures. JCI also evaluated UZ Brussel’s quality of scientific research and training. The accreditation joins the many more specific quality labels and recognitions the hospital acquired as for example for its Centre of Reproductive Medicine, its medical laboratories, its radiotherapy, catering, ….

The patient is a partner

As a patient you probably consider the quality of care an evidence in a university hospital. And you are right, it should be. What marks the UZ Brussel is its human approach. It does not judge, it listens. It tries to understand. Even though we are a Dutch hospital, we speak the language of the patient. We are multicultural. We propose the solution that suits you the best. We collaborate. With the patient obviously, but also with other disciplines and experts. Because together we can achieve more.

The patient is involved, you are involved. That too should be evident, but it is not the case everywhere. It is in the UZ Brussel. Because it is your health, your healthcare and your life.

More information is available at www.uzbrussel.be or you can follow the activities of UZ Brussel on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

International patients can contact 'Service and International Patients' by phone at +32 2 474 91 20 (from 8 am - 5.30 pm) or by mail at international. patients@uzbrussel.be

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