Wallonia-Brussels earmarks 150 million euros for university hospitals

Wallonia-Brussels earmarks 150 million euros for university hospitals

The Government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (FWB) is to invest 150 million euros to renovate the aging buildings of four university hospitals under a 2019-2023 Construction Plan for hospital infrastructure that it has now adopted. The investments will go to the Saint-Luc clinics and Hôpital Erasme in Brussels, as well as the Liège University Hospital and the Dinant/Mont-Godinne University Hospital, Le Soir newspaper reported on Monday. The upgrading of these institutions, built since the 1970s, is no luxury, Le Soir stressed.

“We’ve asked the university hospitals to clearly define their needs and we’ve established a new mechanism that should enable them to make new investments or renovate existing infrastructure,” FWB Prime Minister Rudy Demotte said.

“The new mechanism is based on a needs assessment in terms of the immobile patrimony and, in budgetary terms, that is incorporated into the price of daily maintenance; this is then passed on to the insurers, who are in turn reimbursed by the public authorities,” he added.

 “The aim of this plan is to allow for an annuity that enables the cost of the new infrastructure to be absorbed in 30 years,” Demotte explained.

In budgetary terms, that represents 150 million euros between 2019 and 2023. By 2038, the cumulative total of investments made under this mechanism should amount to one billion euros, according to Le Soir’s estimates.

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