Belgian Heatwave: Sunny and hot all weekend

Belgian Heatwave: Sunny and hot all weekend
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Sunday afternoon temperatures will be between 24 and 30 degrees maximum locally, according to Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) forecasts. The sun might be veiled from time to time, mainly in the east of Belgium, by high altitude clouds from the west. MRI is sending an orange warning as this heat wave begins.

The winds will be moderate in the east, then southeast interior and northeast to the coast. The weather will remain calm and largely clear skies during the evening and night. The minimum temperatures will vary from 13 degrees in the Hoge Venen, 19 degrees in the centre and 20 degrees in De Kempen and in major cities.

On Monday, high altitude clouds will not veil the sun, always very present. The maximum will be between 27 degrees on the Ardennes heights and 32 degrees in De Kempen. It will still be very warm on Tuesday. The thermometer may in fact reach 34 degrees.

In this context of high temperatures, MRI advises to drink regularly, dress lightly, spend time in cooler places and avoid external heat by closing doors and windows.

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