Demolition of Dutroux's 'house of horror' commences

Demolition of Dutroux's 'house of horror' commences
Demolition of Marc Dutroux's house in Marcinelle. Credit: Belga.

The demolition of the house where Marc Dutroux committed his infamous crimes will commence on Tuesday morning.

This follows the purchase of the house, where Dutroux kidnapped and tortured six girls, in the Walloon town of Marcinelle by the City of Charleroi following a protracted legal process for a cost of roughly €23,000.

The house, as a tribute to his victims, had been covered with a mural portraying a child flying a kite after Dutroux's well-publicised trial in 2004 for the kidnapping and rape of six girls, four of whom died.

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The tearing down comes as a relief to inhabitants of the community as it recently become a site of morbid curiosity for urban exploration.

However, one of the victims' parents, Gino Russo, expressed his dissatisfaction with the demolition, telling RTBF that "to me, it was a little like Anne Frank's house, I didn't want it to be destroyed."

The demolition project is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

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