Brussels Criminal Court - 4 fighters from Vilvorde and Machelen suspected of terrorism have their trial postponed

The Thursday trial of 4 young men from Vilvorde and Machelen, suspected of terrorism, at the Criminal Court of Brussels has been automatically postponed until Wednesday, September 23rd. The four suspects form part of a group of young people who became radicals under the influence of Fouad Belkacem, figurehead of Sharia4Belgium. At least three of the accused had travelled to Syria, in March 2013, to fight. Mohammed Sadik Cherabi, Mohamed Aquichouh et Annas Koundi stayed there for several weeks, in the company of other fighters, originally from Vilvorde. While in Syria, Mohammed Sadik Cherabi allegedly used a mobile phone that has been linked to Abdelmoumein and Yassine Lachiri, both of whom were sentenced to 20 years in prison at the end of July for terrorism.

Mohamed Aquichouh and Mohammed Sadik Cherabi returned to Belgium in May 2013 and the former spontaneously presented himself to the local Vilvorde police. Mohammed Sadik Cherabi meanwhile returned to Syria in October 2013, before coming back several weeks later. On October 22nd, the two young men were arrested along with a third suspect, Zouheir Boussaada. The latter, who had not gone to Syria, was acquitted. 

(Source: Belga)

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