Scientology trial: defence counsels receive death threats by post

Mr. Pascal Vanderveeren, defence counsel at the Scientology trial, revealed at the beginning of Friday afternoon’s session at the criminal court in Brussels, that he had received a letter with direct death threats against himself as well as his colleagues. The anonymous authors of the letter say they are victims of Scientology. The threatened attorneys are considering filing a complaint and suing for damages. The letter was officially recorded. “This is not just a text against Scientology,” highlighted Yves Régimont, the presiding judge. Another defence attorney revealed her client had been insulted as well.

The threatening letter was sent directly to Mr. Pascal Vanderveeren, a Brussels barrister. The authors accuse him of being “corrupt” because he is defending Scientologists. “See you next time, maybe some heads will roll, this is the type of language you can understand. Warn all those Scientologist b***ds, we are going to act and chances are it will get bloody.”

An attorney then spoke to tell the presiding judge that her client had been insulted in front of the Courthouse, and that soldiers nearby had had to intervene.

(Source: Belga)

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