A new Masterplan to increase prison capacity

A new Masterplan to increase prison capacity

The Justice Minister Koen Geens (Christian Democrats) hopes to increase spaces in prisons, from 10,062 to 10,339 spaces. This is according to the new masterplan, which Le Soir has obtained information about.

The Masterplan project, drawn up by the Minister and his administration, calls for more intensive electronic surveillance, as well as “modernisation and the extension of the existing prison capacity”.

The document deals with problems at several establishments: the Sambreville penitentiary project has been abandoned, while the Dinant and Namur prisons, whose futures were uncertain, will remain open.

Lantin prison, which is not yet 40 years old, will be torn down due to too many structural problems, and a new establishment will be built nearby. Verviers prison, which is particularly dilapidated, will suffer the same fate.

(Source: Belga)

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